Golden Prague
Prague: The magical city of bridges, cathedrals, gold-tipped towers and church domes, whose image has been mirrored in the surface of the Vltava river for more than ten centuries. Prague is also a modern European metropolis full of energy, music, and art. It's a city of contrasts: Serene green isles in the river and peaceful parks draping the city's seven hills are just steps away from the architectural treasures and bustling street life of the city center. It's a place where different architectural styles stand cheek by jowl, creating an atmosphere that's both intimate and romantic, and quite impossible to forget once you visit.
Spa towns
There are numerous mineral springs on the Czech territory which have been used for medicinal purposes since the early 15th century. Located in picturesque natural landscapes, Czech spa towns are attractive for both their urbanistic layout and their unique spa architecture. Some spa houses even boast elaborate original furnishings.
The magic of castles and chateaux
The Czech lands boast an extraordinarily high number of cultural monuments. Over 2,000 preserved castles and chateaux represent an important part of the national cultural heritage, both in terms of their number and in terms of their historical and artistic value; their significance transcends national borders, and more than a few of these structures are important even in the global cultural context.
Religious sites
Religious sites and places of pilgrimage are a great part of architectural heritage of the Czech Republic. Although most of the churches, monasteries, chapels and pilgrimage places are Roman-Catholic, there also are many Jewish and Orthodox Christian sights. Religious architecture has gone through more than a thousand years' development.
Active holiday
The Czech Republic is an ideal country for active holiday, where you can relax as well as improve your physical condition. In case you decide for relaxation, you have a choice of various wellness offers. Lovers of “adrenaline” sports will be pleased by wide possibilities of bungee jumping.
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